Meet Minta & The Brook Trout:

Francisca “Minta” Cortesão : vox, acoustic guitar (blue hoodie)

Mariana RIcardo : vox, bass, ukulele (grey hoodie)

Manuel Dordio : electric guitar, lap steel (black coat)

Nuno Pessoa : drums, percussion, vox (camel jacket)

(photo by Vera Marmelo, April 2012, Alvalade, Lisboa)

They live in Lisbon, Portugal, though they often flirt with other parts of the globe.

Olympia, their second full-length album, was released in September 2012.

BLITZ music magazine and Radar radio, among other media, have selected it as one of the best albums of the year.

"Future Me" features the well-trod road of dividing possessions and doubt about the future with its chorus "which of the sheets in the closet are yours? / which of the napkins in the drawers are yours? / which of the glasses in the cupboard are yours?" before the gentle plea "come on and stay."  On this track as well as many of the others on Olympia, the band's second full-length, the power of the song comes from the juxtaposition of difficult and tumultuous circumstances with playful music and lyrics delivered with harmonic deadpan.  

Hank Willenbrink, We Listen For You, 10/2012.


Out of Washington State (digital only EP), 2013

Olympia, 2012 (re-released on tape with two extra tracks by HOPE FOR THE TAPE DECK, of Philadelphia, PA, in early 2014)

Carnide (live album with very special guests), 2011

Minta & The Brook Trout, 2009

You (Minta’s debut EP), 2008